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use BFBS/UBS Peshitta text with options: vowel signs (western eastern ), transliteration (Arabic Hebrew Latin ) [info]
use Khabouris Peshitta text with options: non-unicode font (Experimental!)

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Include the following New Testament editions:

Dr. John W. Etheridge's English Peshitta translation Greek NT (Westcott-Hort 1881 combined with Nestle-Aland 27th variants) [apparatus]
Dr. James Murdock's English Peshitta translation Greek NT (New Testament in the Original Greek: Byzantine Textform 2005)
Dr. George Lamsa's English Peshitta translation Greek NT (Stephens' 1550 Textus Receptus + Scrivener's 1894 Textus Receptus)
Egbert Nierop's Dutch Peshitta translation Greek NT (Tischendorf 8th)
Evangelische Bijbel Vertaling (EBV) Dutch Peshitta translation
      with options: include footnotes
Greek NT (Official Greek Orthodox Church NT)
Pad van Waarheid tot die Lewe Afrikaans Peshitta translation
Mariano Franco's Spanish translation of the book of Revelation
Old Syriac Curetonian Gospels Old Syriac Sinaitic Palimpsest
King James Version (KJV) Swedish Bible (1917 Edition)
Hebrew NT (Franz Delitzsch 11th Ed.) French Bible (Louis Segond 1910)
Latin Vulgate (Clementine Vulgate) Spanish Bible (Reina Valera 1909)

Notes on Arabic, Hebrew and Latin transliterations - In order to take full advantage of this feature I highly recommend installing the following Unicode fonts: Lateef (Arabic), Ezra SIL (Hebrew) and Charis SIL (Latin). Please note that this feature might still have some bugs and quirks that need sorting out. Any feedback is highly appreciated. Thanks!

Notes on Greek New Testament editions - If you are experiencing problems properly displaying the Greek letter, then please consider downloading and installing the Galatia SIL Greek Unicode Font [].

Notes on non-unicode fonts - Support for non-unicode fonts has been added and has the status experimental. A known quirk is that the line-breaks do not work as intended when a verse is split over two or more lines. This will be fixed as soon as I've come up with a satisfying technical solution.

Notes on eastern vowel signs - Support for eastern vowel signs has been added and has the status experimental. Most of the words should be properly vocalized, but some (mostly names) might display the wrong vowel signs, i.e. the vowel signs will show a western pronunciation instead of an eastern pronunciation. This is due to the usage of automatic translation of western to eastern vowels signs using rules based on discovery and documenting differences in western vs. eastern vowel usage patterns. This will be refined over time as the set of rules are updated with more detailed exceptions. Furthermore, support for eastern vowel signs isn't system wide, it's currently only supported on this page.

\ BFBS/UBS Peshitta verses are taken from the Peshitta NT published by the British and Foreign Bible Society in 1905/1920. [info]
/ Khabouris Peshitta verses are taken from the Khabouris Codex Transcription by Stephen P. Silver.
\ Credits goes to the Aramaic Bible Society for making Dr. George Lamsa's Aramaic to English Peshitta translation available online.
/ Dutch Peshitta Translation by Egbert Nierop. See for more details! [Copyright Notice]
\ Evangelische Bijbel Vertaling (EBV) is published under CC BY-NC-ND 3.0 (Common Creative License). See for details.
/ Afrikaans Peshitta Translation by Gerrie C. Coetzee. See for further details!
\ Spanish translation of the Syriac version of the book of Revelation by Mariano Franco. See here for mode details. For the translation: © 2018, Mariano Franco. All rights reserved.
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